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Regenerative Biology Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

The James Thomson Lab in the Department of Regenerative Biology at the Morgridge Institute for Research is recruiting to hire postdoctoral research associates to study human developmental timing and vascular biology.

Developmental Timing Projects will include studying the underlying molecular mechanisms of species-specific developmental timing using pluripotent stem cells, and how to influence the developmental clock for future clinical applications. The Developmental Timing Project will use cutting edge technologies, such as RNA-Seq, single cell sequencing and confocal microscopy, along with computational biology, and include working with a team of statisticians and computational biologists within the Regenerative Biology group.

The Vascular Biology Post Doc will work as part of a team on preclinical models of Tissue Engineered Blood Vessels (TEBV). This team will integrate cutting edge cell biology and molecular biology with biomedical engineering. Projects will include cell differentiation, characterization and assessing functionality for the cell types required to produce a TEBV, and optimizing cellular attachment and growth on artificial scaffolds. If interested please email James Thomson.