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The Institute

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Medical Engineering

Advance technologies to better diagnose, treat and prevent disease

Multiscale Biomedical Imaging and Fabrication

The Medical Engineering Group Fab Lab and Microfluidic Foundry are collaborative instrumentation development facilities focused on multiscale biomedical imaging and fabrication. We build core partnerships within the University of Wisconsin-Madison founded on a shared passion for novel design and creative, next-generation biomedical instrumentation and techniques. We collaborate with inventors on computer-aided design, prototyping, 3D printing, microfluidics and fabrication, from conception to completion and value strong relationships with innovative thinkers. Investigators familiar with the Fab Lab’s unique capabilities are encouraged to submit an application for their project.                               

Medical Engineering Project Application Form



Director Kevin Eliceiri

Kevin Eliceiri is an internationally known expert in advanced light microscopy and Director of Medical Engineering at the Morgridge Institute for Research, as well as Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (LOCI) in the Graduate School and College of Engineering. Eliceiri leads efforts in advanced biofabrication and multiscale imaging within Medical Engineering.

Collaborations led by Eliceiri have resulted in over 100 publications ranging from informatics and instrumentation to live cell microscopy and cancer imaging. Eliceiri has been funded by NSF, NIH, Department of Defense, Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society and the Wellcome Trust. At LOCI, projects led by Eliceiri include software development to annotate and archive microscopy data, interrogate the tumor microenvironment, and to expand upon ImageJ2 software platform and Fiji distribution of ImageJ. Current projects within Medical Engineering include transient lighting fluorescence techniques, light sheet microscopy, multiscale metabolism and multiscale imaging of the extracellular matrix.  



            Multiscale Imaging of Cellular Metabolism 

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