Ellen T. Arena

Postdoctoral Fellow



(608) 316-4316


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I am a tissue microbiologist receiving additional training in image informatics via the Morgridge Postdoctoral Fellows Program under the direction of mentor Kevin Eliceiri, Morgridge Medical Engineering. My collaborative project involves the development and application of statistically robust computational approaches for colocalization within the open source imaging toolkit ImageJ, in collaboration with Morgridge Senior Investigator Dr. Ming Yuan , Virology and mentor Kevin Eliceiri. We will then be working with Dr. Nate Sherer , Oncology to apply newly developed colocalization techniques within a biological context to quantitatively measure the progression of HIV viral particle intracellular maturation.

The Morgridge Postdoctoral Fellows Program recruits candidates mentored by both a Morgridge Institute principal investigator and a UW-Madison faculty member, and fosters collaboration in the Morgridge focus areas, including Regenerative Biology, Virology, Medical Engineering and Computation in Biology. My primary focus is software development in the bioimaging informatics community, as well as image and data analysis that spans virology and computation in biology.