Joe Johnson

Software Engineer


Core Computation


(608) 316-4708


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I’m a software engineer for the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP). I work on the back end Java applications that form the interface between the project database and other back end processes in the SWAMP. I’ve also created automated Junit tests for the front end of the web application using Selenium 2.0.

Areas of Expertise

  • Software Engineering
  • Numerical Simulations
  • Numerical Analysis and Optimization
  • Heat Transfer Analysis and Thermodynamics
  • Magnetic Field Calculations and Magnet Design
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • European History


Ph. D. Nuclear Engineering, 1984, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M.S. Computer Sciences, 1988, University of Wisconsin-Madison

S.M. Nuclear Engineering, 1981, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.A. History, May 1992, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. Nuclear Engineering, May 1979, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Selected Publications

  • J. W. Johnson and C. B. Zimm, “Performance modeling of a 4 K active magnetic regenerative refrigerator,” J. Appl. Phys., 79 (5), 2171 (1 March 1996).
  • A. J. DeGregoria, C. B. Zimm, D. J. Janda, R. A. Lubasz, A. G. Jastrab, J. W. Johnson and E. M. Ludeman, “Active Magnetic Regenerator Method and Apparatus,” U. S. patent 5,249,424 issued October 1993.
  • J. A. Barclay, J. A. Waynert, A. J. DeGregoria, J. W. Johnson and P. J. Claybaker, “Rotary Dipole Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigerator,” U. S. patent 5,182,914 issued February 1993.
  • J. R. Trueblood, P. J. Claybaker, J. W. Johnson, T. M. Stankey, “A Vertically Reciprocating NbTi Solenoid Used in a Regenerative Magnetic Refrigerator,” IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 27, 2384 (1991).
  • J. W. Johnson, J. D. Callen and N. Hershkowitz, “Modeling Ambipolar Potential Formation Due to ICRF Heating Effects on Electrons,” Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 29, 1188 (1984).
  • J. W. Johnson, L. M. Lidsky, K. Molvig and K. Hizanidis, “Monte Carlo Calculation of the Pinch and Bootstrap Neoclassical Transport Coefficients,” MIT Plasma Fusion Center Report PFC/RR-83-34, December 1983.
  • J. W. Johnson and L. M. Lidsky, “Non-Local Alpha Energy Deposition Effects in Torsatron Reactors,” MIT Plasma Fusion Center Report PFC/RR-82-11, April 1982.