Srikumar Sengupta

Srikumar Sengupta

Assistant Scientist



(608) 316-4351


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The liver is the primary site of drug metabolism and its parenchymal cells, hepatocytes, are needed for drug development and toxicity testing. However, healthy primary human hepatocytes are limited and lose their mature phenotype and metabolic activity in a short time in culture. I have developed methods for long term culture of primary human hepatocytes through the generation hepatic progenitor cells that maintain their maturity. I am working on modeling liver diseases using hepatic progenitor cells with the goal of development of drugs against inherited and other liver malignancies. Human pluripotent stem cell (ES/iPS)-derived hepatocytes are immature and I am also studying the role of microRNAs in maturation of ES/iPS-derived hepatocytes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Liver development and regeneration
  • Drug metabolism and toxicity testing
  • Hepatocyte differentiation from pluripotent stem cells
  • Role of microRNAs in hepatocyte maturation


  • Ph.D., 2000, Calcutta University, India