Lab News

  • 2019


    Publication: “Human plasma-like medium improves T lymphocyte activation” (iScience)

    Kyle Flickinger (IPiB graduate student) and Ross Soens (IPiB graduate student) join the lab; welcome!

    Jason’s Opinion piece “The Rise of Physiologic Media” is selected as a Trends Editor’s Pick for Best New Reviews


    Publication: “The Rise of Physiologic Media” (Trends in Cell Biology)


    Michelle White (Postdoctoral Associate) and Nick Rossiter (Assistant Research Specialist) join the lab; welcome!


    Kim Huggler receives NIH T32 Institutional Training Grant through the Genomic Sciences Training Program. Congrats Kim!


    Dr. Jason Cantor receives NIH/NCI K22 Career Transition Development Award.

  • 2018


    Kim Huggler (IPiB graduate student) and Rasika Ramanathan (Biochemistry/Chemical Engineering dual major undergraduate student) join the lab; welcome!


    The Cantor lab officially joins the Metabolism Theme at the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Departments of Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

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