Program & Schedule


Session 1: Regeneration & Stem Cell Regulation 1

Dr. Josien van Wolfswinkel, Yale University, USA

Session 2: Regeneration & Stem Cell Regulation 2

Dr. Omri Wurtzel, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Session 3: The Central Nervous System

Dr. Rachel Roberts-Galbraith, University of Georgia, USA

Session 4: Planarians to Model Human Disease

Dr. Elizabeth Duncan, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, USA

Session 5: Parasitic Flatworms

Dr. James Collins, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Session 6: Regeneration & Stem Cell Regulation 3 (RNA Regulation)

Dr. Jason Pellettieri, Keene State College, USA

Session 7: Germ Cells & Reproductive Biology

Dr. John Brubacher, Canadian Mennonite University, Canada

Session 8: Patterning & Polarity

Dr. Teresa Adell University of Barcelona, Spain

Session 9: Regeneration & Stem Cell Regulation 4 (The Role of Muscle & ECM)

Dr. Francesc Cebrià, University of Barcelona, Spain

Session 10: Evo Devo

Dr. Mansi Srivastava, Harvard University, USA

Session 11: Regeneration & Stem Cell Regulation 5 (DNA Repair & Genomic Instability)

Dr. Kerstin Bartscherer, Max Planck Institute for Molecular for Molecular Biomedicine, Germany

Session 12: Resources & Tools

Dr. Jochen Rink, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany

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