Category: Core Computation

Chasing ghost particles with armies of computers

Scientists with the IceCube neutrino detection project, located on the South Pole and run by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, announced in July that they found the origin point of a cosmic neutrino in an energy-spewing black hole 4 billion light years from Earth. Scientists say the discovery will provide a fundamental new tool for seeing the unseeable in the universe.

Want to fight cyberthreats? Start with clean code

The SWAMP offers more than 30 open-source and commercial static code analysis tools fully integrated into its automated platform. A new classroom experiment represents an important front for the SWAMP as it aims to advance continuous assurance on software security.

Congratulations to our graduating students

With the semester winding down, we are thrilled to congratulate graduating students and research staff who are moving on and up. More than 110 undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to post-doctoral fellows, work across six biomedical research themes at the Morgridge Institute.

HTCondor powers Marshfield Clinic project on disease genetics

Using the equivalent of hundreds of years of computing time on HTCondor, a Marshfield Clinic scientist is compiling a database that will map genetic connections to more than 8,000 human diseases.

SWAMP-in-a-Box can help turbo-charge software assurance

In the drive to reduce software security flaws, the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) at the Morgridge Institute for Research has enhanced its portable platform that brings a comprehensive suite of software assurance tools to the programmer’s desktop.

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