Category: Medical Engineering

Melissa Skala: Follow the Light to Better Cancer Treatment

Skala’s research problems focus on cancer detection and treatment, and her expertise in light-based, optical imaging is giving clinicians revolutionary new tools for the fight. Skala will be bringing her talents this summer from Vanderbilt University to the Morgridge Institute for Research and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a Morgridge investigator and professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME).

‘Prototype Pathway’ open for business in Morgridge Fab Lab

The Morgridge Institute’s medical engineering team brought UW-Madison clinicians to the Advanced Fabrication Laboratory, or “Fab Lab,” Oct. 1 to celebrate the launch of the BerbeeWalsh Prototype Pathway.

Remex Static Mixer team working to bring innovation to market

Eric Ronning, a recent UW-Madison graduate and member of Morgridge Institute’s medical engineering team, also appreciates the importance of fostering a cohesive, talented team for collaborative innovation.

Novel Morgridge technology may illuminate mystery Moon caves

It’s widely believed that the Moon features networks of caves created when violent lava flows tore under the surface from ancient volcanoes. Some craters may actually be “skylights” where cave ceilings have crumbled.

Morgridge CT innovation wins WARF Accelerator support

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Accelerator Program helps discoveries patented by WARF move further along the commercialization process by providing funding and connections to a network of industry experts.