Category: Medical Engineering

UW spinoff SHINE Medical hits major funding milestone

SHINE Medical Technologies, a medical isotope company developing technology that originated from University of Wisconsin-Madison research, has signed a $125 million term sheet that represents a massive step in bringing an important medical advance to market.

Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

Two University of Wisconsin-Madison teams are among only seven undergraduate finalists for the 2014 National Collegiate Inventors Competition, which honors the latest in student creativity and innovation.

System for growing, distributing microgreens wins Wisconsin Innovation Award

In the growing movement for urban agriculture, microgreens are becoming a popular, profitable option for producers. Tasty and nutritious, microgreens can be grown inside any time of year, mature from seed to harvest in 10-14 days, and sell at $20-30 per pound.

Andreas Velten: Taking imaging to new extremes

Unlike many of us, Andreas Velten loves working in windowless rooms. His research tools are shrouded in sealed black boxes to keep out unwanted light. He’s been known to cover red building exit signs to extinguish any trace of visual noise.

Kevin Eliceiri to bring multi-scale imaging focus to Morgridge Institute

Scientific imaging has long been a research strength at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, home of major advances in cellular-scale optical imaging, human-scale medical imaging and many spaces in between.