Category: Regenerative Biology

Trio of Morgridge Institute medical researchers to speak at Sept. 25 Innovation Network luncheon

Three scientists at the Morgridge Institute for Research will describe what brought them to Madison and how breakthroughs in medical engineering, regenerative biology and medical imaging will help save lives at the Tuesday, Sept. 25 Tech Council Innovation Network luncheon meeting in Madison.

Finding a weak link in the frightful parasite Schistosoma

The parasitic disease schistosomiasis is one of the developing world’s worst public health scourges, affecting hundreds of millions of people, yet only a single, limited treatment exists to combat the disease. Researchers are searching for potential new targets by probing the cellular and developmental biology of the parasitic flatworm Schistosoma.

Congratulations to our graduating students

With the semester winding down, we are thrilled to congratulate graduating students and research staff who are moving on and up. More than 110 undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to post-doctoral fellows, work across six biomedical research themes at the Morgridge Institute.

Recap: Celebrating 20 Years of Stem Cell Science

On April 18 more than 170 scientists, researchers and supporters joined scientist o celebrate the 20th anniversary of the isolation of human embryonic stem cells.

Fearless Science

In a new report, we meet the scientists driven to understand the mysteries of biology and alleviate human suffering from disease. Take a look inside as we explore science at the Morgridge Institute for Research.