Area: Fan Lab

Steve John

I am a graduate student in the Fan lab. Education B.S. in Biology, 2018, The College of New Jersey

Franklin Yeo

Lab maintenance and back end data analysis Education UW-Madison Biochemistry Major

Emily Britt

I am a graduate student in the Fan lab studying the rewiring of metabolism in immune cells. Education B.S. in Biochemistry, 2017, University of Iowa

Gretchen Seim

I am a graduate researcher in the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences. My work in the Fan lab focuses on understanding the role that metabolism plays in driving immune cell function. In particular, I am interested in how pro-inflammatory stimuli lead to metabolic rewiring in macrophages and how this rewiring ultimately dictates the function […]

Jing Fan

My laboratory works towards a quantitative understanding of mammalian cellular metabolism, with a particular focus in cancer metabolism. We combine fluxomics and metabolomics with system biology, biochemistry and genetic approaches, to investigate how cellular metabolism is rewired to support cancer proliferation and metastasis, and how cellular metabolism is dynamically regulated in response to various microenvironments. […]