Area: Huisken Lab

Sam Broadnax

Using embedded systems engineering to help researchers develop new and more efficient ways to observe the natural world.

Ben Viggiano

Working to design an inexpensive and easily replicable version of LSFM to be used for educational purposes.

Alyssa Graves

Todd Bakken

I strive to help our team create new and better ways for researchers to examine the microscopic world around us.

Nicola Gritti

I work as Post-doc in the Huisken lab, and I am currently interested in applying light sheet microscopy to the study of the dynamics of planarian regeneration. Education Bachelor and Master degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy (2008-2011) PhD at AMOLF institute, Amsterdam, in the group of Jeroen van Zon (Quantitative […]