Area: Medical Engineering

Christine Walsh

I help research and implement machine learning and other statistical techniques to improve data collection and analysis. Some examples of my work include adopting a mask r-cnn approach to automate pixel-level image segmentation for increased speed and accuracy of data analysis and creating graphical representation of univariate and multivariate data to understand patterns in cancer […]

Dan Pham

I’m a BME graduate student working in Dr. Skala’s lab. My research involves Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Method (FLIM) for studying pancreatic cancer.

Anne-Sophie Mancha

I am a graduate student working in Dr. Skala’s lab focusing on pancreatic cancer.

Justin Williams

Justin Wiliams’ lab is interested in the development of novel engineering systems for guiding the growth and development of neurons and neural stem cells. Most of these techniques are rooted in micro and nanotechnology, as these approaches afford many advantages for interfacing with the nervous system in a very controlled, yet minimally intrusive manor. One […]

Elizabeth Meyerand

My research lab focuses on the the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the human brain. Our goal is the development and application of new MR methods to visualize the structure and function of the brain and to translate these methods to the hospital for clinical diagnosis. One of the areas upon which we […]