Area: Regenerative Biology

Yury Bukhman

I am an experienced bioinformatician. I like working on a variety of problems in high-throughput biological data analysis and integration. I am also interested in computer programming and data management. My current project is blue whale genome assembly and annotation. Education Ph.D., 1998, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Diploma (5-years), 1992, Moscow State University, […]

Dan Bar-Yaacov

Ryan Liegel

I am working as a part of the Newmark Lab in studying the regenerative capabilities of planarian flatworms–my focus is on developing genome-editing techniques in planarians. Education PhD – Cell Biology, 2013, Medical College of Wisconsin BS – Biochemistry, Chemistry, 2006 University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alex Tannenbaum

Within the Vereide group, I mainly focus on the processes of gastrulation and organogenesis in the chick embryo. Using techniques such as RNA-seq, Wavecrest, and qPCR, I study how cell location in the primitive streak predicts gene expression and cell differentiation. Recently, I’ve been investigating the developmental time course of the chick embryo. Specifically, I’m […]

Matthew Brown

My research focuses on understanding the human immune response to transplanted pluripotent stem cell therapies. Additionally, I am interested in the nexus of immunobiology and stem cell biology. Education PhD, Cellular and Molecular Pathology (major), Clinical Investigation (minor), University of Wisconsin-Madison BS, Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison Honors and Awards T32 Postdoctoral Training Grant, UW-Madison […]