Area: Thomson Lab

Jack Cerhan

I’m an intern working on maintaining and improving the automated sequencing pipeline.

Kalpana Raja

Kalpana Raja’s research focuses on using text-mining and natural language processing techniques to extract known and novel information from published biomedical literature. She uses her knowledge in pharmacy, computer science, bioinformatics and biomedical informatics to solve challenges such as drug-drug interaction and drug repurposing through gene-drug interactions.

Yury Bukhman

I am an experienced bioinformatician. I like working on a variety of problems in high-throughput biological data analysis and integration. I am also interested in computer programming and data management. My current project is blue whale genome assembly and annotation. Education Ph.D., 1998, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Diploma (5-years), 1992, Moscow State University, […]

Alex Tannenbaum

Within the Vereide group, I’ve had several main focuses. Notably, I have focused on the processes of gastrulation and organogenesis in the developing chick embryo. Using techniques such as RNA-seq, Wavecrest, and qPCR, I studied how cell location in the primitive streak predicts gene expression and cell differentiation. In addition to working with chick embryos, […]

Cathy Liu

General lab duties such as making solutions, stocking supplies, and Mycoplasma testing.