Morgridge Institute for Research

Morgridge Institute, UW partners select three postdoctoral fellows

Three scientists have been selected for the inaugural Morgridge Institute for Research Postdoctoral Fellows program, designed to prepare promising young scientists for a changing research landscape.

Fellows in this program will have research mentors from both Morgridge and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The fellowships are meant to promote cross-disciplinary thinking and public engagement through Morgridge outreach programs.

The 2015 fellows are:

The scientists will begin their three-year terms in summer 2015.

“By working together with both a great public university and private institute, our fellowships should help connect people across disciplines that will benefit from more robust communication,” says Morgridge CEO Brad Schwartz. “This may lead their science in unexpected but valuable directions.”

With an emphasis on identifying and developing transferable skills such as leadership, management, team-building and communication, these postdocs may be better positioned for future opportunities in areas outside the traditional academic path, says Debora Treu, Morgridge education liaison and program director. The postdocs will participate in the Morgridge Discovery Outreach programs, which reach more than 30,000 community members annually.

For more about the program, contact Treu at, 608-316-4304.