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Better human health starts with you


The promise of better human health starts today. Make your tax-deductible gift now to support interdisciplinary biomedical research in partnership with a great public research university. Your support helps unravel complexities of disease, understand the depths of biology, and unlock clues to stop cancer, HIV/AIDs, and many more disorders and diseases. 

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Checks written to The Morgridge Institute for Research can be mailed to: 

Attn: Bill Swisher
330 N. Orchard Street
Madison, WI 53715

Your gift makes a difference


$20 buys arts and crafts for science field trips


$250 supports a young scientist studying cervical cancer

$500 funds DNA sequencing for heart disease research

$1000 helps buy in-demand laboratory equipment

Why we give 

Stopping viruses

“Viruses don’t just affect individuals; they can ravage entire populations.”
– John & Jeanne Rowe

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Discovering new treatments

“We decided to step up to the plate because this research is so vital, but so much is still unknown.”
– Marv & Babe Conney

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The Morgridge Institute for Research is a 501c3 charitable organization working to improve human health through innovative, interdisciplinary biomedical research, in partnership with a great public research university.


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Bill SwisherBill Swisher
Chief Development Officer
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