We pursue fearless science

We take scientific challenges head-on with confidence and persistence. Science cannot thrive by asking “safe” questions, so we support researchers who take risks that may yield greater rewards to human health. Our seven research themes unify 12 principal investigators conducting, enabling and translating research in the fields of Regenerative Biology, Metabolism, Virology, Medical Engineering with expertise in High Throughput Computing and Biomedical Ethics.

We invest in high-performing research scholars

We invest in world-class, research-intensive scholars with the confidence to take a high-risk, high-reward approach to science. Our community of experienced investigators includes stem cell pioneer Jamie Thomson; virologist and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator Paul Ahlquist; medical imaging innovator Melissa Skala; biochemist and PECASE award winner Dave Pagliarini; and HHMI Investigator Phil Newmark, just to name a few.

We support young, exceptional scientists

We compete for scientists fearlessly pursuing basic questions in biology. New scientific talent is the essential ingredient for research excellence, a powerful catalyst that extends beyond our institute and across the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We spark a curiosity – and a passion – for science

We believe society is strengthened by science. Through our unique Discovery Outreach programs, we engage an inquisitive public in our discoveries by hosting, facilitating and developing science programs for thousands of children, families and educators across Wisconsin.

Our Core Values

  • Curiosity: We embrace and encourage bold questions. We conduct fearless science and follow the results where they take us.
  • Collaboration: We can’t do this alone. We partner with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to achieve the greatest outcomes.
  • Integrity: We pursue our mission with rigor, discipline and honesty. We treat everyone with dignity and respect and are committed to equality.
  • Inspiration: We believe society is strengthened by science. We connect with communities to spark imagination.

Work with Us

Career opportunities to work together on fundamental biomedical questions.

Collaborate with Us

Partner with the Morgridge Institute for Research. We have shared resources designed to enhance research and discovery at UW-Madison.