Our Mission

Improve human health by conducting and translating innovative, interdisciplinary biomedical research in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, by leveraging our collective strengths in research and education.

The Challenges that Motivate Us

Morgridge Institute scientists recognize that a fundamental understanding of human biology will drive the next big advances in human health. We conduct “fearless science” in some of these promising frontiers.

Working closely with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), the institute completes the research cycle by actively commercializing discoveries that improve human health.

Located in a vibrant, inviting building in the heart of campus, the institute brings science to life for thousands of community members each year.

Work with Us

Career opportunities to work together on fundamental biomedical questions.

Collaborate with Us

Partner with the Morgridge Institute for Research. We have shared resources designed to enhance research and discovery at UW-Madison.

What is Fearless Science?

We explore uncharted research territory and go where the science takes us.

We embrace fundamental questions — and the uncertainty that comes with them.

We take well-advised risks that may yield greater rewards to human health.

History of the Morgridge Institute for Research

The Morgridge Institute for Research grew from a unique partnership between the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, UW-Madison leadership and alumni John and Tashia Morgridge. Beginning in 2004, the partners developed the innovative private research institute model and laid the foundation for the institute’s charter in 2007. The Morgridges and WARF provided the lead gifts that made the institute possible.

Drawing inspiration from Stanford’s revolutionary Bio-X Program, which brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds, John believed a similar initiative at Wisconsin would give UW-Madison biomedical research an exceptional competitive advantage. Tashia also envisioned the building fostering unique science education opportunities for the community.

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Our Relationship with UW-Madison

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a valuable resource for advancing UW-Madison excellence in biomedical research.

The institute enhances many UW-Madison research strengths, and helps build a collaborative community of researchers who seek out multidisciplinary answers to the big questions in human health. The institute’s private, nonprofit status enables it to respond quickly to new research challenges and take well-advised risks on promising but unproven research areas, in close collaboration with UW-Madison. It also helps the university attract top research talent in shared strategic areas of the institute and the campus.

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