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Careers At the Morgridge Institute for Research, we believe that science doesn’t thrive by asking safe questions. We believe that science moves forward and opens new doors in human health when we push toward the boundaries. We believe in Fearless Science.

Our researchers press into new frontiers of biology and medicine, and every member of our community – whether they work in a lab or not – contributes to this effort. This doesn’t happen by accident. At Morgridge, we work toward an environment where everyone can thrive:

  • Work among inspiring scientists.
    Our investigators, research staff, and affiliates are leaders in regenerative biology, biomedical imaging, metabolism, bioethics, virology, and research computing. Together, they build powerful research collaborations for breaking new scientific ground, sharing resources, and recruiting new talent.
  • Connect with the community.
    Sparking scientific curiosity and serving society through science are a core part of our mission and vision, and we take it seriously. Morgridge is proud to support and operate a number of programs that bring our scientists and the public together, and our employees are encouraged to participate.
  • Have a world-class university at your fingertips.
    The Morgridge Institute is located in the heart of UW-Madison’s campus, and our relationship with the university runs deep. Our investigators hold faculty appointments at UW-Madison, and our employees are affiliates of the university. You can enjoy many of the same library, facility, and professional development access that are available to university staff.
  • Enjoy a relaxed, modern facility.
    We are located within the Discovery Building, a collaborative space supported by Morgridge, UW-Madison, and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Our facility was named 2012 “Lab of the Year” by R&D Magazine and has a LEED gold certification for its energy efficiency. Our lab spaces are bright and spacious, and they are complimented by ample rooms for formal meetings and chance encounters alike. Individual desks feature lots of natural light, and you’ll also enjoy an onsite cafe!
  • Bring your whole self to the office.
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity are sources of strength at the Morgridge Institute, and we strive to build an environment that embodies those values. Everyone at the Morgridge Institute has an important contribution to make to diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
  • Thrive in a vibrant, affordable city for you and your family.
    Consistently ranked among the top 10 cities in the United States to live, Madison is home to outstanding arts, culture, dining, sports, and outdoor activities. Madison is a compact city situated on an isthmus between two lakes where you can enjoy clean air, great schools, an easy commute, and a reasonable cost of living.
  • Feel secure with best-in-class benefits.
    In a recent climate survey employees consistently rated the Morgridge Institute’s benefits as one of the great things about working here. The Institute provides 8% of every employee’s salary as a fully-vested retirement benefit in addition to matching half of your own contributions (up to 3%). We offer an incredibly supportive health plan, generous accruals for paid time off (including volunteer time), medical time off, and more.

Are you an investigator? Consider the Morgridge advantage

The Morgridge Institute supports its investigators in a way that helps them be pioneering and innovative – what we call Fearless Science. And we measure and reward what really matters: Work that advances our understanding of human biology.

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Are you a postdoc? Train with us!

The Morgridge Institute is committed to fostering growth of “whole scientists,” with scientific training that prepares them as science leaders. And, because of our close affiliation with UW–Madison, the institute is committed to enhancing the research and educational mission of the university.

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Current Job Openings

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a private, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving human health through interdisciplinary biomedical research, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. See all job openings >

  • IT Student Intern

    The IT Help Desk Student Assistant will be responsible for assisting users with hardware, software and applications problems, and providing IT support with Windows, MAC and Linux desktops and network/server infrastructure, including troubleshooting problems and equipment maintenance.

  • Systems Administrator Intern – Student Position

    We are seeking students looking to work 10 – 12 hours per week starting January 2023 (and more during breaks, if desired) to assist our systems administrators and to gain valuable training and education on state of the art hardware, complex systems and leading technologies.

  • Research Software Engineer

    The Research Software Engineer (RSE) will work to bring modern software engineering techniques and approaches to research projects at the institute as part of long-running engagements and collaborations between scientists.

  • Student Office Assistant

    The Morgridge Institute is looking to hire a Student Office Assistant to start immediately and continue through the academic year and through summer. This position will provide support within the Research Computing Department at Morgridge.

  • Computational Biologist

    The Stewart Computational Group at the Morgridge Institute for Research seeks a Computational Biologist with strong statistical and programming skills. We provide data analysis, programming, and software engineering to biomedical researchers at the Morgridge Institute, the University of Wisconsin, and beyond, working on a wide variety of biomedical questions, including cancer and regenerative biology.

  • Metabolism Lead Investigator

    The Morgridge Institute for Research, part of the dynamic research community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, seeks an accomplished investigator to lead the Morgridge Metabolism Theme. This energetic and talented researcher will lead an innovative and collaborative research team addressing key questions in metabolism.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Morgridge’s commitment to a workplace where everyone thrives

The Morgridge Institute’s commitment to diversity is an extension of our mission: We must recruit the most talented people from all segments of society to deliver on our promise to make discoveries that improve human health and promote lifelong interest in science. We also must maintain a professional culture where all feel welcome and included.

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