The Morgridge Institute inspires and engages society. We support children, students, families, adults, educators, teachers, scientists and researchers through programming, events, teaching materials, professional development, training, and much more.

Here you can learn more about the curiosity-sparking programs for children, youth, students, and adults. These programs are available in-person here in Madison, Wis., at the beautiful Discovery Building, but many others are available in new digital platforms or are hosted at schools, community centers, libraries, and museums throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

The Morgridge Institute also promotes engagement among scientists. We help researchers and trainees grow as experts, mentors, communicators, and members of society through professional development, fellowships, workshops and conferences.

Educators and teachers will find reliable, relevant and accurate instructional materials on rapidly-advancing biomedical topics. These easy-to-access information guides and resources can be easily incorporated into existing science curriculums.

Featured EventCrossroads of Ideas: Public Perception of Science in a Post-Pandemic World

January 25 @ 5:00 pm

The pandemic has revealed issues with how science is perceived and understood by the public. The rapid pace of science around SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 has exposed issues in society around science communication and the impact of politics on the scientific process. Join us for a discussion about what we have learned about science and society during these extraordinary circumstances and how we can move forward.

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Crossroads of Ideas: Public Perception of Science in a Post-Pandemic World



Learn with scientists! Find digital and in-person programs, events, and opportunities for children, students, youths, teachers, and adults to explore science. Programs include the annual Wisconsin Science Festival, the Rural Summer Science Camp, the Summer Science Workshop Series and more.

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Teaching & Learning

Find a library of educational materials to help educators, teachers, and science enthusiasts! These guides and resources can be used in the classroom or for at-home activities.

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Professional Development

Researchers and trainees can cultivate new skills with Morgridge Institute programs. Through fellowships, workshops, and collaborations within the scientific community, we train well-rounded professionals whose skills extend far beyond the bench.

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Our Community Mission

Society is strengthened by science. We connect with communities to spark imagination.


Through Discovery Outreach, a partnership effort of the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, we support an array of live science events at the Discovery Building and beyond.

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