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  • The long view of biomedical research

    We believe that fundamental, curiosity-driven research will drive the next big advances in human health.

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News from the Institute

  • Metabolism
    The Morgridge Institute leads a campus investment in mass spectrometry, one of the must-have tools of modern biology.
  • Medical Engineering
    Medical Engineering
    New Morgridge investigator Melissa Skala is creating revolutionary tools to better detect and treat cancer.
  • 2015: An Amazing Year
    2015: An Amazing Year
    Watch our video highlighting an exciting year of progress at the Morgridge Institute for Research.
  • Regenerative Biology
    Regenerative Biology
    In development: A faster, cheaper and more biologically relevant way to screen drugs and chemicals that could harm the developing brain.
  • Blue Sky Science
    Blue Sky Science
    Watch the latest episodes of the Blue Sky Science Q&A video series and submit your science questions!
  • Regenerative Biology
    Regenerative Biology
    The ability of progenitor stem cells to achieve an immortal state could yield benefits in producing cells for basic research and therapies.
  • Fabrication Lab
    Fabrication Lab
    Channel 27 News highlights BerbeeWalsh $300K gift to the Fabrication Lab to enable innovation pipeline between clinicians and engineers.


The Morgridge Institute works to improve human health through innovative, interdisciplinary biomedical research. You can help support our mission.


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