Kayvan Samimi

Kayvan Samimi

Assistant Scientist



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I am an Assistant Scientist working on an interdisciplinary project aimed at advancing the understanding of molecular and mechanical processes that govern remodeling in pregnancy tissues and lead to preterm labor. Preterm birth is an important perinatal health problem across the globe, accounting for nearly 15 million, or more than 10%, of all annual births worldwide. We are using different imaging modalities like nonlinear optical microscopy and optical coherence tomography (Dr. Melissa Skala’s lab at MIR) and high-frequency ultrasound (Dr. Timothy Hall’s lab at UW) to investigate tissue microstructures and gain new knowledge about the parturition process. Success in this project could result in development of new multi‐modal imaging devices for in vivo longitudinal monitoring of pregnancy and provide clinicians with new tools for assessing the risk of preterm birth. Ultimately, such tools would enable medical professionals to develop targeted therapies for underlying pathologies that lead to spontaneous preterm birth.


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 2017, University of Wisconsin–Madison
M.S. Electrical Engineering, 2011, University of Wisconsin–Madison
B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2009, University of Tehran