Topic: Mind & Body

How does our immune system recognize bad from good?

Important cells for distinguishing between good and bad are T cells, and it’s estimated that there are approximately a trillion T cells in our body.

What is pain tolerance and how does it work?

Pain is subjective and is different for every person who experiences it. There’s also different dimensions of pain including sensory, emotional and behavioral components.

How do people learn to read?

From the science, researchers know a lot about how reading works, how children learn, the kinds of obstacles children encounter, and where teachers and classroom activities can make a difference.

How and why do our teeth fall out?

It’s normal and natural for baby teeth to fall out. Usually kids start to get loose teeth between ages 5 and 7. The new permanent tooth begins eating the root of the baby tooth away, that baby tooth becomes loose, and then the permanent tooth eventually pushes it out and erupts into its place.

How much does a human brain typically weigh?

The human brain includes 100 billion neurons, or brain cells, and is an ever-changing organ.

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