Topic: Plants & Animals

Could we use planarians to help us understand human regeneration?

Planarians are flatworms, and they’re masters of regeneration with virtually unlimited capacity to regenerate any missing tissue or body part lost to injury or aging.

How do you identify edible mushrooms?

There’s not one rule that applies to mushrooms. You have to know your biodiversity to know which species are edible and which species are not edible.

How do beetles use camouflage?

Beetles are an extremely diverse group of insects on the planet. There are about a million or more described species of insects, that we know of so far, and of those about 400,000 are beetles.

Why do some animals go extinct while other species regenerate their populations?

Much depends on the circumstances in which the animals have become rare in the first place. It could be a big environmental change in the habitat, something affecting food, water, shelter or cover.

Why do leaves change color in the fall?

September and October are the peak months for admiring fall foliage, the orange, yellow and red leaves. To understand why leaves change color, you have to start with the process of photosynthesis. All plants, including trees, have green leaves because of a compound called chlorophyll.