Topic: Technology & Engineering

How does a 3D printer make color?

3D printing involves making an object layer by layer. There are many 3D printing techniques, and they all differ in how each layer is constructed. Each type of printer has a different opportunity or mechanism for adding color.

Could we harness energy in space for use on Earth?

When thinking about collecting energy from a source in space, the natural answer is the sun.

How long does it take a GMO product to grow?

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, refer to any plant or animal that has been genetically modified by humans. For centuries, breeders have been able to do this through selective breeding practices.

How do hovercrafts work?

To understand how a hovercraft works, we have to understand a few things about matter. We, and all ordinary matter, are made of little tiny things called atoms and clumps of atoms called molecules.

Why do supercomputers have to be so big?

We need supercomputers because scientists are doing really awesome work that requires lots of computing time. For some of this work, if we weren’t using supercomputing to break up tasks and make processing faster, it would take years or decades to complete.

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