2021 Morgridge Ethics Cartooning Competition – Public Voting

The Morgridge Institute for Research launched the fourth Ethics Cartooning Competition, a research ethics competition for junior scientists including grad students, post docs, lab techs, and people with scientist-level positions at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and its affiliated biomedical research centers or institutes.

This year the entrants created cartoons on a variety of research ethics topics including social impacts of scientific research, particularly issues on public health and vaccine development.

A panel of judges has chosen 17 cartoons for display to the public. The judges applied the following three criteria: depiction and analysis of a research ethics issue; humor; and artistry.

Voting has closed.

For permission to copy or use a cartoon, please email ethics@morgridge.org or call 608-316-4400.

© 2021 Alyssa Adams
© 2021 Ellen Dobson
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© 2021 Dinghan Guo and Yue Ma
© 2021 Amanda Hurley
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