2022-2023 Morgridge Ethics Cartooning Competition – Public Voting

Eighteen cartoons have been selected as finalists in the 2023 Ethics Cartooning Competition, an annual contest sponsored by the Morgridge Institute.

The competition encourages ethics conversations and deliberation among scientists conducting biomedical research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and affiliated biomedical research centers or institutes.

A panel of judges has chosen the following cartoons for display to the public. You can vote below and help determine the 2023 winners!

This year’s cartoons depict a variety of research ethics topics, such as the ethics of scientific publishing, research funding and environments, questionable research practices, drug pricing, the ethics of experimenting on animals, social impacts of scientific research, and scientists as responsible members of society.

Voting has closed.

For permission to copy or use a cartoon, please email ethics@morgridge.org or call 608-316-4400.

© 2022 Sindhu Banghi Math
© 2022 Chutikarn Chitboonthavisuk
© 2022 Diana Vertein
© 2022 Mariah Riel
© 2022 Mikaela Seemann
© 2022 Mengmeng Luo
© 2022 Michaela Trautman
© 2022 Daniel Osorio-Mendez
© 2022 Virginia Pszczolkowski
© 2022 Alex Tannenbaum
© 2022 Apoorva Ramamurthy and Lauren Sarko
© 2022 Hannah Fricke
© 2022 My Tran
© 2022 Michelle Sonsalla
© 2022 Mason Garza and Namita Khajanchi
© 2022 Noah Trapp
© 2022 Natalie Schudrowitz
© 2022 Yu-Hsuan Cheng and Yun-Shiuan Chuang