Area: Bioinformatics Group

Yury Bukhman

I am an experienced bioinformatician. I like working on a variety of problems in high-throughput biological data analysis and integration. I am also interested in computer programming and data management. My current project is blue whale genome assembly and annotation. Education Ph.D., 1998, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Diploma (5-years), 1992, Moscow State University, […]

Scott Swanson

I perform bioinformatics analysis, primarily of Next-generation sequencing data. I spend a lot of time writing short programs to pick up large amounts of data, spin it around, make connections, calculate statistics, and then render the results in formats that are useful to biologists. Education M.S. Computer Science, 1992, University of Wisconsin-Madison B.S. Computer Engineering, […]

Ron Stewart

Ron Stewart, associate director of bioinformatics, hasn’t met a problem he doesn’t like; a critical asset given the sheer amount of data researchers can be confronted with when carrying out an experiment. Due to the exponential growth in data production, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology have become critical tools in conducting biomedical research. Ron, a natural […]

Michael Collins

I manage network, computational and storage infrastructure for the Regenerative Biology area and assist with bioinformatics projects.

John Steill

I am a bioinformatics software engineer working mostly with RNA-Seq analysis. Interests include automated pipeline and workflow design, data science, statistical inference, and machine learning. Areas of Expertise Software Engineering (Python, Matlab, C++, Java, Fortran) Applied Mathematics Algorithm Development Education M.S. Nuclear Engineering, 1997, Purdue University

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