Area: Metabolism

Franklin Yeo

Lab maintenance and back end data analysis Education UW-Madison Biochemistry Major

Nicholas Zeinemann

I assist with basic lab procedures such as media creation in the Pagliarini lab.

Andrew Sung

I am an MD/PhD student in the CMB graduate program. My work in the Pagliarini lab will be focused on better understanding the underlying biochemical mechanisms of respiratory chain complex I assembly. Education B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, 2015, Yale University

Laura Steenberge

I am an MD/PhD student in the iPiB program at UW. My work in the Pagliarini lab focuses on elucidating a greater understanding of the biochemical mechanisms underpinning mitochondrial metabolism pathways.

Jason Cantor

Our lab has broad interests in modeling, understanding, and exploiting the impact of environmental factors on human cell metabolism, with a particular focus on hematological cancers and normal lymphocytes. We use an interdisciplinary approach to discover unforeseen biological (and pharmacological) phenomena in cell metabolism, cancer biology, and immunology that may have been overlooked or misinterpreted […]

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