Area: Metabolism

Rasika Ramanathan

Education B.S., Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry Expected graduation: May 2020 University of Wisconsin – Madison

Steve John

I am a graduate student in the Fan lab. Education B.S. in Biology, 2018, The College of New Jersey

Kim Huggler

I am a graduate student in IPiB here at UW-Madison. Broadly speaking, my work in the Cantor lab will focus on understanding how environmental factors affect the metabolism and biology of hematological cancers.

Franklin Yeo

Lab maintenance and back end data analysis Education UW-Madison Biochemistry Major

Nicholas Zeinemann

As a student lab assistant I help to keep research in the Pagliarini lab running smoothly by making media, keeping labware clean, and making sure everyone has the materials they need for their work. Education I’m currently attending UW Madison seeking a degree in Biochemistry and a certificate in German.