Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Materials

Required Sections

A. Basic Data

Please provide a table with the following information:

Name Last, First, and Middle Initial
Personal Pronouns
Degree(s) Earned Please include date(s) earned and institution name(s)
Current Position Include title, institution, school/college, and department
Current Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Citizenship If not a US citizen, please provide your current US visa status.

B. References

Please provide two professional references other than the proposed co-Principal Investigators. We may contact these individuals to discuss your research potential. Letters from these individuals are not required. Please include the following information for each reference:

  • Full Name
  • Institution and Title
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Person’s Relationship to You

C. Candidate Curriculum Vitae

Please include a copy of your current CV.

D. Candidate Statement

  • Research Statement. 2 pages maximum, excluding references. 12pt font
    Describe the research that you propose to do as a Morgridge Fellow, including the laboratories where the work will be done. Include your relevant research history and/or experience.
  • Career Statement. 2 pages maximum, 12pt font.
    Describe your career goals and how you envision your experiences as a Morgridge Fellow will help you achieve these goals, specifically in the areas of conducting excellent research, developing collaboration skills, and science communication. Include how you may utilize available professional development funding. This is also an appropriate place to include specific ideas for community engagement experiences.

E. Co-Investigator Letters of Support and Commitment (1-2 pages each)

Each PI should submit a letter that includes the following:

  • How support for the candidate will fulfill the program’s goal of bridging research across disciplines
  • Training and career development activities the candidate will have access to such as scientific meetings, seminars, etc. (Other than those planned as part of the Morgridge Fellows Program)
  • The PI’s commitment and experience as a research and career mentor
  • How the PI envisions the candidates participation in community engagement
  • FOR MORGRIDGE INVESTIGATORS ONLY: In a brief paragraph, include your plans for alternative research to be conducted by this postdoctoral trainee if the primary research project described in this application does not go forward due to unavailable data, change in collaborator status, “negative results,” or other reasons.”

F. Suggested Reviewers

If possible, and to facilitate review of the proposed work, we ask that co-Investigators provide 2-3 reviewers for the proposed project. Ideally, reviewers are part of the UW–Madison scientific community. Reviewers do not need to be fully “arm’s length” – it is okay to suggest current collaborators, though they should not be a direct collaborator on the proposed work.

G. NIH Biosketches for Each Co-Investigator

Please submit a current NIH Biosketch for each proposed Investigator.

Submission Instructions

Complete and submit all sections of your application in a single PDF document with the filename “Lastname-MIRFellow-YEAR-App.pdf” to

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