Donor Report – 2022 Fall

YOU make a difference

At the Morgridge Institute for Research, we explore uncharted biomedical research to go where the science takes us. By asking the right questions and following the highest standards of quality research, we will improve human health.

Brad’s Update

In science, we often talk about collaborations. In this report, I want to underscore this work’s importance.

Moreover, we depend on donors like you. You are a collaborator and you truly make a difference here.

I’m sure you’ve seen our slogan in materials and stories: “Fearless Science.” That means we take risks and press against boundaries. We aim for science that we can’t currently imagine.

And as an independent organization, we can move quickly and decisively, to follow interesting and important questions, wherever they may lead.

But we are also unique — we have the best of two worlds. We are deeply engaged with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a world-class public university. That university culture helps science to flourish. Here, people build collaborations to get new ideas off the ground.

Brad Schwartz

Brad Schwartz

These are more than just “collaborations;” they are true partnerships. We genuinely have each other’s backs. And these partnerships are thriving because they are based on trust, transparency, and a shared vision.

In this report, you can read more about a promising frontier of eye disease research that leverages the imaging expertise of the Melissa Skala Lab. You can also meet our newest investigator, Daniela Drummond-Barbosa, who joined our growing metabolism community.

Last, we must celebrate a treasured partnership: The Summer Science Camp. After two years of virtual-only events, we welcomed high school students and teachers back to meet with researchers and scientists in many fields of science and medicine.

All of these collaborations, and many more, are built with your support. Your donations empower scientists, educators, and scholars to advance science and discovery.

You truly make a difference.

Thank you for helping us pursue the joy and curiosity of science. With your support, we will improve human health together.

Brad Schwartz, M.D.
CEO, Morgridge Institute for Research

P.S. Your voice matters. If you have any questions about the stories in this report, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

As a donor, you are:

Exploring Science, Fearlessly

Donors like you help scientists pursue fearless science. Thank you for supporting biomedicine that will improve human health. With your support, you’re helping fight disease, understand the depths of biology, unlock ways to stop cancer, HIV, and many more disorders.

Changing Lives

Science is for everyone. You help many free and heavily-discounted science education and outreach programs for underserved children and families. From afterschool programs to the Rural Summer Science Camp, these opportunities bring the wonders and joy of science to all families.


You play an important role in pushing science forward. Thanks to private support from donors like you, the Morgridge Institute is working to improve human health. We can’t do this work without you—THANK YOU.

Here’s a look at some of the milestones made possible by you.

A research partnership brings gene editing promise to eye disease

A research partnership brings gene editing promise to eye disease

One of the first frontiers of CRISPR gene editing is targeting diseases related to the eye. A diverse Morgridge and UW-Madison team is working to make future applications precise, safe and reproducible.

High schoolers get hands-on with science at Summer Science Camp

High schoolers get hands-on with science at Summer Science Camp

After two years of virtual-only events at the Discovery Building, students and teachers from rural Wisconsin high schools returned in-person for the 16th annual Summer Science Camp.

Eliceiri named Open Hardware Trailblazer Fellow

Morgridge investigator Kevin Eliceiri was recently named an Open Hardware Trailblazer Fellow by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) for his work in imaging innovation.

Morgridge alum awarded for “FANTM” limb virtual technology

Morgridge alum awarded for “FANTM” limb virtual technology

Former Morgridge Postdoctoral Fellow Finn Kuusisto was awarded for his work developing information technology to improve virtual reality applications that could one day be applied to biomedical devices.

New Morgridge investigator explores role of diet and metabolism in stem cell function

New Morgridge investigator explores role of diet and metabolism in stem cell function

Daniela Drummond-Barbosa, the Morgridge Institute’s newest investigator, uses the model organism Drosophila to better understand the genetic drivers of stem cell disorders, obesity, infertility and a variety of diseases associated with metabolism.

Jason Cantor Receives Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award

Morgridge investigator Jason Cantor has received a 2021 Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award. His was among the ten award-winning proposals that represent early-stage, innovative and cutting-edge technology in medicine and biomedical engineering.

Science for All

When you establish a planned gift, you help inspire the next generation of scientists. Planned gifts through an estate or annuities help support science education and outreach activities, like the Summer Science Camp.

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