Past Morgridge Multiscale Imaging Seminar Series Speakers


  • February 8: David Grunwald, Associate Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute. Topic: New imaging modalities and analysis approaches to study cell-nuclear function
  • February 13: Anne Carpenter, Principal Investigator, Broad Institute. Topic: Getting more out of images: targeting diseases through profiling cell morphology
  • March 22: Kyle Harrington, Assistant Professor, University of Idaho. Bringing Biological Images to Life: Modeling and Visualization of Morphogenesis
  • April 16: Xingde Li, Ph.D., Professor of Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins UniversityTopic: Translational Optical Micro Imaging Technologies towards Histological Imaging of Biological Tissues in vivo
  • May 21: Cori Bargmann, Torsten N Wiesel Professor of Neurosciences and Genetics, Rockefeller University, President of Chan Zuckerberg Science Topic: Mapping behaviors across timescales


  • March 28: Leslie, M. Loew, Ph.D. University of Connecticut. Topic: Imaging membrane potential
  • April 20: Brian E. Applegate, Texas A&M University, Department of Biomedical Engineering. Topic: Investigating the living cochlea with volumetric optical coherence tomography and vibrometry
  • May 1: Dr. Brett Byram, Biomedical Elasticity and Acoustic Measurement Lab, Vanderbilt University. Topic: Cutting through the fog: Eliminating clutter in B-Mode Doppler ultrasound
  • May 25: Mark Tsuchida, CEO and Co-CTO, Open Imaging, Inc. Topic: ┬ÁManager: An open source platform for image acquisition
  • September 21: Andrew R. Cohen, Electrical & Computer engineering, Drexel University. Topic: New approaches for live cell and organelle microscopy
  • October 2: Erik M. Jorgensen, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Utah, Neuroscience Program. Topic: Super-resolution microscopy marries electron microscopy
  • October 5: Kenny Tao, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering. Topic: MERI Seminar: Diagnostic OCT