Biomedical Imaging

Caicedo Lab

We harness the power of machine learning to illuminate the biological secrets hidden within microscopy images of cells and tissues.

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Microscopy images of cells and tissues contain a wealth of phenotypic information that can be used to infer many biological properties of the underlying organism. Imaging is routinely used to observe the response of cells to compounds in drug discovery projects, to characterize the impact of genetic variants, and to diagnose disease and personalize treatments. However, extracting useful information from microscopy images can be challenging because of the complexity of the phenotypes of interest, the lack of ground truth manual annotations from experts, and the influence of noise and unwanted variation. Our mission is to make the phenotypic information of microscopy images readily accessible by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. We develop novel computational techniques to advance the field of image-based profiling, and collaborate with various laboratories around the world to pursue image-based biological discoveries.

Join us and make a difference! Our research group is actively recruiting motivated students and researchers to transform the way images are used in science.

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Principal Investigator Juan C. Caicedo

Dr. Juan Caicedo is an investigator in biomedical imaging at the Morgridge Institute for Research, as well as an assistant professor of biostatistics and medical informatics and an affiliate of the Data Science Institute at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The Caicedo group’s expertise includes machine learning, computer vision, and computational biology, and aims to combine these areas to power biological research in a meaningful way.

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