Topic: Earth & Space

What is a solar flare?

A solar flare is a release of magnetic energy from the sun. The energy is stored as a magnetic field around the sun, and then it is released with energetic particles and waves coming from the solar surface.

Why do the northern and southern lights only appear near the poles?

The formation of the northern and southern lights—known as aurora borealis and aurora australis—begins with solar flares from the sun. The solar flares eject groups of electrons from the sun that act as a wind and flow toward the Earth.

Could we harness energy in space for use on Earth?

When thinking about collecting energy from a source in space, the natural answer is the sun.

How are moons created?

Anything that orbits a planet is a moon, and moons can form in several different ways.

Are there wormholes that lead to other galaxies?

Wormholes can exist within the framework of general relativity, Albert Einstein’s theory that governs how space-time interacts with matter in our universe.

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