Category: Advancement

Bill Swisher joins Morgridge as Chief Development Officer

Bill Swisher, the assistant vice president for corporate and institutional partnerships at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), has been named the new chief development officer of the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Rowe family gift supports exploration of ever-evolving viral threats

Infectious diseases have large-scale human impact, and virology research works to tackle current issues while building knowledge to prepare for future threats and to provide more broad spectrum controls. John and Jeanne Rowe have provided long-term support for Ahlquist’s research group, which studies viruses like HIV, human papillomavirus and Chikungunya.

James Dahlberg: Scientific successes enhanced by chance

Asked why he became a biochemist, Jim Dahlberg reflected briefly and answered, “I always found science exciting, interesting, and relatively easy. I just thought that it would be the most rewarding way to spend my life. And once I was introduced to the world of biochemistry I was hooked.”

Morgridge Institute launches new interdisciplinary fellows program

A new postdoctoral fellowship program approved this spring for the Morgridge Institute for Research aims to spark unique collaborative research opportunities with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, while preparing biomedical PhDs for a changing career landscape.

Morgridge Institute taps biomedical innovator as chairman

The trustees of the Morgridge Institute for Research have named Fred Robertson as chairman, replacing Ernie Micek, whose term as chair has ended and who will remain on the board.