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Great Outcomes Sparked by John and Tashia Morgridge

The announcement today of $250 million being raised for the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the John and Tashia Morgridge Match program is truly inspirational. At a pivotal time for the university, this effort supports a critical mass of new endowed professorships that will help attract and retain the very best talent to Wisconsin.

Morgridge Institute, UW partners select three postdoctoral fellows

Three scientists have been selected for the inaugural Morgridge Institute for Research Postdoctoral Fellows program, designed to prepare promising young scientists for a changing research landscape.

Gift helping uncover the mysteries of regeneration

From a philanthropic standpoint, extraordinary patience is required of individuals who believe strongly enough in the possible outcomes to provide ongoing support. Mildred “Babe” and Marv Conney are among those whose faith in the potential miracles of science has remained unshaken for nearly 30 years.

‘The Big Next:’ Dr. James Berbee’s transition from technology to medicine

What do you do after launching a computer networking company in the gung-ho 1990s, growing it to 700-plus employees across the Midwest, serving some of the world’s largest technology companies, then selling the company 13 years later?

James Dahlberg retiring from Morgridge Institute

During his leadership Dahlberg focused on three core goals. They included redefining the institute’s mission, improving financial accountability across the institute, and hiring a dynamic permanent director who could implement a long-term vision.