2018 Ethics Cartooning Contest – Public Voting

The first Morgridge Ethics Cartooning Competition invited entrants to make a cartoon on any ethical issue arising in or from biomedical research. The competition drew 41 entrants from more than 20 different departments and programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and affiliated research institutions. Participation was limited to graduate students and postdoctoral scientists working in the biomedical sciences.

A panel of three judges has chosen 15 cartoons for display to the public. The judges applied the following three criteria:

  1. depiction and analysis of a research ethics issue
  2. humor
  3. artistry

Voting has closed. The three winners are:

  • First Prize: Umair Khan
  • Second Prize: Allwin McDonald
  • Third Prize: Amber Zhou and Zafirah Zaidan
  • Honorable Mentions: Ante Zhu and Timothy Colgan, Pooja Dnyaneshwar Bandawane

Please do not copy or use a cartoon without the author’s permission.

© 2017 Allwin McDonald
© 2017 Amanda Hurley
© 2017 Amber Zhou and Zafirah Zaidan
© 2017 Ante Zhu and Timothy Colgan
© 2017 Benjamin Cox
© 2017 Peter Jurich
© 2017 Jenny Bratburd
© 2017 Khoa Tran
© 2017 Nicole Piscopo
© 2017 Ronak Mehta and Akshay Sood
© 2017 Rosa Mejia Sanchez
© 2017 Thomas Ellingham
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© 2017 Ye Xu
© 2017 Pooja Dnyaneshwar Bandawane