Science-curious donors and supporters of the Morgridge Institute get a first-hand look at the biomedical imaging methods used by the Skala Lab.

Morgridge supporters take a closer look at biomedical imaging with the Skala Lab

During a special event on Tuesday, Apr. 30, investigator Melissa Skala and her team opened their lab doors for a group of enthusiastic, science-curious donors and supporters to take a closer look at the beautiful world of microscopy and biomedical imaging.

“Our lab was very excited about welcoming everybody into the space. We don’t often have adults here, we do a lot of outreach with younger kids,” says Alexa Heaton, assistant scientist in the Skala Lab. “It’s really good practice for all of us to be sharing our work in a very broad way, big picture and not getting too technical.”

Guests interacted with Skala Lab scientists to learn how to sort cells from a single drop of a sample and how to visualize cells under a microscope with UV light and lasers.

    Through thoughtful questions and engaging conversations, attendees developed a stronger understanding how innovative imaging methods are being harnessed for direct patient care and improving health in areas like heart disease, retinal disease, immunology and cancer.

    “It was really great to hear the spread of questions that our attendees brought with them,” Heaton says. “You could tell some of them may not be scientists, but are really engaged in reading what’s out there in both medical research and other scientific research, and they really want to be part of it.”

    View photos of the event below.