Area: Ahlquist Lab

Janice Pennington

I use various techniques in electron microscopy, including cryo-electron tomography, to study Flock House virus and Sindbis virus. Education M.S. Botany, 1985, Oklahoma State University B.S. Biology, 1979, Oklahoma State University

Jessica Thornton

I analyze the viral evolutionary record to identify the protein-protein interactions that constitute the viral replication complex.

Megan Bracken

I study cellular proteins ZASC and ZBTB2 and their role in HIV transcription. Education M.S. Clinical Microbiology, 2011, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse B.S. Biology, 2008, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Publications ZASC1 stimulates HIV-1 transcription elongation by recruiting P-TEFb and TAT to the LTR promoter. Bruce JW, Reddington R, Mathieu E, Bracken M, Young JA, Ahlquist […]

Katlyn Frane

I assist in developing tools to study the structure and function of Alphavirus replication complexes.

Bryan Sibert

I study the mechanisms of positive-strand RNA virus genome replication in cells. I am specifically interested in how viral proteins interact with viral and host factors to assemble mini-organelle like replication complexes on intracellular membranes.