Area: Fab Lab

Joseph Ulbrich

Medical device design and product development. Education Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Linguistics Certificate in International Engineering

Ian Bormett

I am a high school student assisting with fabrication and design lab projects under the direction of Ben Cox. My main goal is creating 3D printed PET mouse phantoms from MRI and CT scans.

Leo Steiner

I assist in the Fabrication lab under the direction of Brandon Walker

Robert Swader

I am the prototypical tinkerer. I consider myself a “jack of all trades” and a “hands on” engineer. I have an array of private sector engineering experience and have also owned and operated a start-up business. I value the capacity for both divergent and convergent thinking. I have truly found my calling in the work […]

Kevin Eliceiri

As Director of the Fab Lab and investigator in the Medical Engineering theme I lead efforts in designing and developing engineering solutions to address biomedical problems. These include several unique resources including the Fab Lab for 3D printing and the Foundry for microfluidic design and production. My primary research interests are focused on multiscale imaging […]

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