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Science serves society best when everyone is welcome

On Monday, a video began circulating on social media containing intensely racist and violent language directed at the Black community. The video appears to have originated from within the UW–Madison student population, and it has been strongly condemned by campus leadership, students, and local leaders.

The leadership and staff of the Morgridge Institute for Research join our colleagues in denouncing both the content of the video and the broader sentiment it represents.

Our mission includes service to society in partnership with UW–Madison. We believe that mission to serve means that we serve everyone in our society. That’s why we are committed to making science a more inclusive enterprise that better reflects the richness of human civilization.

Honoring that commitment means acknowledging when some of us are harmed. The racism and hatred expressed in the video is deeply painful, especially to our Black colleagues and to anyone who has not found a welcoming home in higher education generally, or science specifically.

That is why we echo the message that so many have expressed to the Black community over the past two days: Hate speech like this causes harm to you and occurs too frequently. Morgridge is glad you are part of our community, and as an institute wants to do what it takes to ensure you feel safe and welcome.

Science works best when everyone can participate with their full, authentic self. That starts with ensuring everyone feels safe to participate however they wish. We aim to be a committed partner with those here in Madison working toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we hope that we can transform the pain of incidents like these into action for an improved future.

Wes Marner
Engagement, Education, and Equity Director