Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

A beneficiary designation is one of the simplest ways to make a gift to Morgridge Institute. This type of gift requires the single act of filling out a form.

You can specify the individuals and charities you want to support and you can also specify the percentage of the assets you want each beneficiary to receive.

Beneficiary designations are available when giving the following assets: 

  • Retirement Assets: Request and complete a new beneficiary designation form from your plan administrator.
  • Life Insurance: Contact your insurance provider and designate the Morgridge Institute as a recipient of all or a portion of the death benefit of your policy. You can also transfer ownership of the policy to create an immediate income tax charitable deduction and potential income tax savings.
  • Commercial Annuity Contracts: Designate the Morgridge Institute as a beneficiary to receive all or part of the remaining funds.
  • Bank Accounts: Instruct your bank to pay┬áthe Morgridge Institute all or a portion of what remains in a checking or savings account.
  • Investment Accounts: Instruct your investment company to transfer to Morgridge Institute some or all investments held in the account at the time of your death.
Ask your specific bank or financial services firm for any instructions on making your gift. And please don’t hesitate to contact Bill Swisher for help in finding the right information.