Donor Report – 2019

YOU make a difference

The Morgridge Institute explores uncharted research to go where the science takes us. By asking the right questions and following the highest standards of quality research, we will improve human health.

Brad’s Update

The Morgridge Institute is exploring uncharted scientific territory to discover tomorrow’s cures.

Basic science, the core of what we do, is all about the work. It’s a commitment to go where the science takes us, even if it’s in an unexpected direction. It is rigorous, determined and made stronger by a community of scientists and supporters like you.

Brad Schwartz

Brad Schwartz

You make it possible to study promising areas of biomedicine that can lead to important discoveries and improve human health. Not only that, but you support science outreach and education programs that bring the wonders of science to underserved children and families across Wisconsin.

In this report, you will read about new research to create arteries for transplant surgery — a story truly about the potential, and promise, of stem cell science. You’ll also read about an exciting partnership between medical engineers and obstetricians to better understand the risk of preterm birth. And there’s plenty more to read.

Of course, this report is just a small sampling of our efforts to improve human health and bring science to the curious public.

As scientists, we know that improving human health requires dedication, curiosity and integrity. Your financial support continues to invigorate and inspire us.

Thank you for supporting the Morgridge Institute for Research. Donors like you are critical to our mission, and we are so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.

Brad Schwartz, M.D.
CEO, Morgridge Institute for Research

P.S. I am so thankful for your support. If you have any feedback about this report, please email me at

Science can change our lives.

With support from donors like you, scientists are pursuing biomedical research to improve human health.

Your gift is working to fight disease, understand the depths of biology, and unlock ways to stop cancer, HIV, and many more disorders.

You’re also supporting science education and outreach programs that bring the wonders and joy of science to children and families across Wisconsin who might not otherwise have these opportunities.

Scientists clear another hurdle in creating transplant arteries

Private support from donors like you helps stem cell scientists. Thank you for supporting science that has opened doors for thousands of patients worldwide.

Rural Summer Science Camp expands in 13th year

Donors like you ensure the camp has been — and will always be — free of charge for students and teachers.

Morgridge, Meriter research project targets the persistent risk of preterm birth

Because of your support, scientists have more resources to collaborate on critical medical issues and improve human health.

Inspiring children with biomedical research

Anthony Gitter faced a challenge: How could he translate his work into something children could understand and maybe even enjoy? The answer to that question: ‘protein pinball.’