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Reza Djavadian

Positive-strand RNA viruses constitute many clinically relevant pathogens, including Hepatitis C, SARS, zika-, Dengue, and poliovirus. A common feature of this group of viruses is that, upon infection, the first proteins expressed restructure the host intracellular membranes to from viral replication compartments. I am specifically interested in studying the structural features of these multifunctional proteins. […]

Christine Walsh

I help research and implement machine learning and other statistical techniques to improve data collection and analysis. Some examples of my work include adopting a mask r-cnn approach to automate pixel-level image segmentation for increased speed and accuracy of data analysis and creating graphical representation of univariate and multivariate data to understand patterns in cancer […]

Ruth Brandt

I am the Social Media and Communications Intern for the Morgridge Institute, working for the Communications team.

Dan Pham

I’m a BME graduate student working in Dr. Skala’s lab. My research involves Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Method (FLIM) for studying pancreatic cancer.

Anne-Sophie Mancha

I am a graduate student working in Dr. Skala’s lab focusing on pancreatic cancer.