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Kim Jafferis

I work within the Finance Department and will mainly be responsible for handling Accounts Payable and Credit cards/Expenses.

Rebecca Schmitz

I am an undergraduate researcher in Medical Engineering at the Morgridge Institute for Research under Dr. Melissa Skala. I work with Alex Walsh to investigate the use of zebrafish xenografts of breast cancer through optical metabolic imaging.

Margaret Edman

I am an undergraduate researcher in the Skala Lab, under the mentorship of Tiffany Heaster. My work includes validation and characterization of tumor-macrophage interactions. Education B.S. Biomedical Engineering, expected May 2020

Kexin Sun

My work is Summer Undergraduate Researcher, which helps the researcher in the Skala Lab to do some work and also studies with them.

Zak Baker

I am a Morgridge Postdoctoral Fellow co-supervised by Dr. Dave Pagliarini at the Morgridge Institute of Research and Dr. Betty Craig at UW-Madison. My research focuses on using multi-omic mass spectrometry based screening to identify and characterize novel cellular responses activated during disruptions of mitochondrial proteostasis. This work will help develop a better understanding of […]