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My laboratory works towards a quantitative understanding of mammalian cellular metabolism, with a particular focus in cancer metabolism. We combine fluxomics and metabolomics with system biology, biochemistry and genetic approaches, to investigate how cellular metabolism is rewired to support cancer proliferation and metastasis, and how cellular metabolism is dynamically regulated in response to various microenvironments.

I will also join the Department of Nutritional Sciences as an assistant professor in summer 2017. My lab welcomes applications from prospective postdocs and graduate students.


PhD, 2014, Princeton University

Selected Publications

  • Fan J, Baeza J, Denu JM. (2016) Investigating histone acetylation stoichiometry and turnover rate. Methods Enzymol. 574:125-48.
  • Dittenhafer-Reed KE*, Richards AL*, Fan J, Smallegan MJ, Siahpirani AF, Kemmerery ZA, Prolla TA, Roy S, Coon JJ, Denu JM. (2015) SIRT3 mediates multi-tissue coupling for metabolic fuel switching. Cell Metab. 21(4):637-46
  • Fan J*, Teng X*, Liu L, Mattaini KR, Looper RE, Vander Heiden MG, Rabinowitz JD Human Phosphoglycerate Dehydrogenase Produces the Oncometabolite d-2-Hydroxyglutarate. (2015) ACS Chem. Biol. 10(2):510-6.
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  • Fan J, Kamphorst JJ, Rabinowitz JD, Shlomi T. (2013) Fatty acid labeling from glutamine in hypoxia can be explained by isotope exchange without net reductive IDH flux. J. Biol. Chem. 288(43):31363-9
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