Ron Stewart

Associate Director of Bioinformatics


Regenerative Biology


(608) 316-4349


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Ron Stewart, Associate Director of Bioinformatics, hasn’t met a problem he doesn’t like; a critical asset given the sheer amount of data researchers can be confronted with when carrying out an experiment. Due to the exponential growth in data production, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology have become critical tools in conducting biomedical research. Stewart, a natural pattern-seeker and problem-solver, and the Bioinformatics Group he leads develop the algorithms and perform analysis of high throughput biological data necessary to utilize the billions of data points which can be generated in just a few days in a single experiment. Their work includes experiments for studying gene regulation in embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, and their derivatives as well as exploration of gene regulation at the single cell level and developing the algorithms needed to analyze single cell data. Their incredibly successful work has lead to the publishing on several algorithms important for the analysis of high throughput datasets. And the depth and breadth of research being conducted at the Morgridge Institute ensures that Ron Stewart won’t be running out of problems to solve any time soon.

I run a team of talented bioinformaticians and computational biologists who create and utilize sophisticated algorithms for analyzing high throughput biological data.