Ron Stewart

Ron Stewart

Investigator, Bioinformatics



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My group builds high-quality foundational datasets and develops computational tools that help researchers use and interpret high throughput biological data such as transcriptomics, genomics, or bibliomics (biomedical text). We use these datasets and algorithms to find patterns and clues in the data that can help establish targets for further wet lab analysis, pushing the frontier of biology forward. Our collaborative projects range from developing the first human induced pluripotent cells, to identifying genes involved in limb and spinal cord regeneration and segmentation, to building foundational reference-quality genomes for various vertebrate species, among many others. As part of these collaborations, we have developed tools and algorithms for text mining, drug repurposing, aptamer analysis, and RNA-seq, including innovative algorithms for oscillatory gene analysis, spatial analysis, quality control analysis, timecourse analysis, and analysis when no genomic reference is available.


BS, Molecular Biology, The University of Texas at Austin
PhD, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, The University of California, Berkeley