John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Center for Research in Virology

Ahlquist Lab

We are advancing understanding of big-picture questions about how viruses replicate, evolve and can be better controlled.

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Our lab studies how viruses take over cells, amplify themselves and cause certain diseases, including ~15% of human cancers. Viruses remain one of the greatest public health challenges, as shown by COVID-19, HIV-AIDS, Ebola and accelerating dangers of further pandemics from a wide range of other viruses. In parallel, viruses are a major source of insights into normal cell biology, and provide expanding tools for biomedicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology. By revealing the molecular mechanisms underlying many aspects of virus function, our studies are providing new foundations for improved, broader spectrum antiviral controls, and for more effective use of viruses and their genes for beneficial purposes.

3-D nanoscale cryo-EM imaging of a viral RNA genome replication complex

Principal Investigator Paul Ahlquist

Paul Ahlquist is the John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Chair in Virology and Director of the Rowe Center for Research in Virology. In addition, at UW–Madison he is a Professor in the Department of Oncology of the School of Medicine and Public Health, in the Institute for Molecular Virology under the Vice Chancellor for Research, and in the Department of Plant Pathology in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. He is also the Associate Director for Basic Sciences at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

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