Topic: Earth & Space

Why is the sky blue?

Light from the sun comes in many different colors including colors we can see and some colors we can’t see. And just like sound waves or waves on the water, light travels in waves as well.

Why do hurricanes form where they do? Why Florida and not Wisconsin?

Hurricanes form near places like Florida and not further north like Wisconsin because they need some critical components to develop.

How are stars (like the sun) formed?

A star is considered a sun if it’s in the center of a system with planets orbiting around it. Stars are formed in very large dark clouds. These dark clouds are made primarily of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Why does the moon have craters?

One reason the moon has craters because it gets hit by objects, small pieces of rocks that come from outer space. These are pieces of asteroids, comets that are flying around in the solar system.

How were the Madison lakes formed?

Before the last glaciation, which started about 30,000 years ago, there was a deep river valley that ran under where Lake Mendota and the other Madison lakes are now. A glacier moved into this area and slowly filled up the valley.