Category: Advancement

Congratulations to our graduating students

With the semester winding down, we are thrilled to congratulate graduating students and research staff who are moving on and up. More than 110 undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to post-doctoral fellows, work across six biomedical research themes at the Morgridge Institute.

Two Morgridge scientists place in 2018 Cool Science Image Contest

Two scientists at the Morgridge Institute for Research—Jayhun Lee and Jiaye “Henry” He—were named winners in the 2018 Cool Science Image Contest, competing against more than 170 submitted images and videos.

Fearless Science

In a new report, we meet the scientists driven to understand the mysteries of biology and alleviate human suffering from disease. Take a look inside as we explore science at the Morgridge Institute for Research.

The ‘Ice Road Truckers of science’ and why we need them

In an opinion piece published in The Hill, the nation’s leading news website on U.S. politics, Morgridge Institute for Research CEO Brad Schwartz and UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank argue that a renewed investment in basic research is essential to America’s economic progress.

Measuring the molecules of life – Q&A with Josh Coon

Proteins are the workhorse molecules that perform all the functions in the cell and the body. Being able to detect and measure proteins is critical to figuring out basic biology, and the signature of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. Josh Coon is creating technologies to do exactly that.